What’s the Difference Between Cashmere Knit Hat and Scarf Costing $40 and $400

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Cashmere yarn
Cashmere yarn

Type of yarns

There are a few things in life that can define luxury; cashmere is one of them.

Have you ever thought about the difference between expensive and cheap cashmere? There are two important measures of cashmere quality, the length and thickness of the hair fibers. The longer and thinner they are, the more expensive.

It is always pleasant to know that your wardrobe item is made from quality and precious materials. This includes hand knit hats and scarves. It is not difficult to distinguish expensive pashmina yarn from its cheap analogue. The first has extreme softness and warming capabilities. Cheap cashmere is very fluffy. This is dictated by the wool, made from the short undercoat of cashmere goats. Also, an expensive knitwear sheet will quickly return to its initial form if you stretch it a little. As for a cheap one, it won’t hold its shape, and it will allow light to shine through.

Nataliya Nada NYC’s chunky cable scarf


Knitting time and product details

So, you know now that the process of cashmere yarn manufacturing is a very cost-intensive process. The thread must be knitted into an article of clothing. It takes a lot of time to make, for example, one pullover. You should learn how to knit beautiful patterns, for clothes knitted in a simple stockinette stitch look plain and cheap. Meanwhile, cable patterns will add exclusiveness to the product. That is why the hand knit woman’s hat that consists of complicated patterns will be more expensive than one manufactured in a factory with stockinette stitch. The machine equipment is not able to knit difficult patterns, but produces only a simple knitwear sheet. Besides, handmade knitting reveals all the best features of the thread. The final product will look more stylish if decorated with a fur element. It could be, for instance, a fur pom pom hat that looks quite exquisite. You pay for details.



Product weight

The thicker the knit hat or scarf, the more expensive it is going to be.

It is important to take into account that a product that has sufficient weight will cost more, for it involves more yarn used in its knitting. The voluminous pattern takes rather a big amount of thread compared to the stockinette stitch. So now, you know all the nuances of choosing qualitative cashmere clothing. I hope it will help your decision!




Cashmere knitwear
Making cashmere yarns process

Cost of yarns production and quality control

Many of us know that Italian yarn is considered to be the number one in the world. This is not a surprise, for the wool spinning in this country is a process that evolved over centuries. A very complicated chain of actions precedes the knitting of one cashmere hat. Yarn manufacturing in Italy involves careful choosing of the material, dyeing that is done in several stages, and further accurate spinning. The spinning equipment takes the yarn through several stages, which include combing and twisting. Next, the yarn goes to the weaving and finishing department, where the machines improve the softness, texture, stability and appearance of the thread. All of these processes are certified, which provides the perfect quality of European yarns.


Supporting a socially conscious smaller designer versus a mass brand is going to cost more.
“When you’re spending $200 on a knit hat at Nataliya Nada NYC, you’re supporting her philosophy and the sustainability behind that,”  Nataliya Nada explains. For instance, she produces her work in Ukraine (Eastern Europre) from Italian yarns, so you are encouraging her and the local economy there and empowering “Ukrainian women, which wouldn’t be the case with a mass brand.

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