Cashmere Blend Hat With Stripe and Sparkles


Cashmere hat MARIE with stripe and sparkles. Hat with folded brim made of Italian yarns with detachable real fur pom pom.

You can order additional colors detachable pom pom to have more fun with your hat.

  • Real fur pom pom.
  • Detachable real fur pom pom.
  • 80% superfine merino wool, 20% cashmere.
  • Made of Italian yarns.
  • One size.



NATALIYA NADA is a luxury accessories social enterprise that offers a modern twist on the Slavic tradition of fine accessories. Handcrafted knitwear, winter and summer accessories are the heart of the fashion line. After dedicating almost ten years to the media business for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar in Ukraine, Nataliya Nada moved to NYC. While studding at Fashion Institute of Technology Nataliya come up with an idea to create the brand which will bring together beautiful values and craftsmanship.

While growing up in Ukraine, Nataliya engaged with a culture of handcrafted knitwear. The art of knitting is passing down from generation to generation. Children learn this art from their mothers and grandmothers at a very young age. Many women continue to perfect this skill throughout their lives, and become true artists and masters of handcrafted knitwear. Nataliya conceived of the idea for a brand that would share this knitwear with a wider audience to empowering creators. The fashion line includes cashmere hat with detachable real fur pom pom, scarves, cashmere gloves, headbands, cashmere socks, superfine merino wool hats and scarves. Besides beautiful knitwear brands presents Italian leather gloves, travel cases and small leather accessories.


Most of all we apply the highest standards of creativity, purity and quality to our products and ideas. In our collection we bring together the Slavic perfection handcrafted skills and highest quality Italian cashmere and superfine merino wool. Besides classy design it’s our mission to deliver highest quality cashmere hats, scarves and cashmere gloves.

In addition to high standards of our knitwear we pay company pays a lot of attention to fur quality. We tailor each pom pom from preselected premium quality fur skin.

The value of our products stems from the pureness of our yarns and the uniqueness of being handmade by women who are passionate about their skill, and empowered through the process of sharing their tradition.

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Cashmere Blend Hat With Stripe and Sparkles”

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