We work very closely with our knitters, and they’ve started to feel like family to us.  The income that these women earn from knitting helps them to be independent, but we see their struggles firsthand, and especially given the current economic and political turmoil in Ukraine, we realized that we wanted to do more. That’s why we founded the Nataliya Nada Foundation.

The aim of our foundation is to further empower the Ukrainian women with whom we work. Because we’ve gotten to know our knitters well, we know this means different things for different people. Some of our knitters are single mothers working hard to raise families alone, some are refugees from Crimea starting their lives over in a new place, and still others have lost high-powered jobs and feel disenfranchised by the rapidly changing post-USSR culture. Our goal is to offer assistance tailored to individual needs. Right now, we’re focused on job training, educational opportunities for children and grandchildren, and healthcare.

With every Nataliya Nada product you buy, you’re helping to change a woman’s life.