Natural Wool Versus Synthetic Fibre

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I bet at least once every one of us felt that awkward feeling of wet armpits, when you take off your coat or ski suit after physical exertion in cold weather. In most cases, you were wearing a sweater or other article of clothing made of acrylic yarn. This uncomfortable feeling is the result of the synthetic base of this kind of thread. Acrylic fibers are made from a polyacrylonitrile, which is, in one word- plastic!!!acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene-761385

Acrylic yarn is made of artificial fibers, which are manufactured from polymerized chemicals pressed through spinneret nozzles. The result then hardens in a chemical bath. The process is the same for acrylic, polyester, nylon, triacetate, rayon, spandex, and polyolefin fiber. It’s not surprising that wrapping in a sheet of plastic won’t protect your body from wind and cold weather. This is why people feel frozen in a knit hat made of acrylic outside in the cold, and sweat once they step inside. The worst part is that plastic isn’t at all breathable- the sweat has no chance to steam off.

If you hope that a combination of acrylic and wool will improve the situation, you are wrong. The synthetic fiber won’t let the body breath, no matter how hard the yarn manufactures try.

Luckily, the picture is much different with natural wool, such as cashmere. It would be just to suppose that Nature arranged things so that goats feel comfortable in their wool in the winter. Cashmere or pashmina are produced from the undercoat of goats. That is why the clothes knitted from this kind of wool keep you warm outside and let your body breathe inside. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable wearing a cashmere hat or any other clothes from this material.

People have decorated their head-dresses since ancient times. Nowadays, this process (like so many others) is often dictated by market pressure to create products as cheaply as possible. As a result, many brands use synthetic pom poms, or those made of fake-fur. While this does reduce production expenses, these pom poms don’t hold up to the elements- when you come inside after a day in the snow, a synthetic pom loses its shape.

full_6918_43463_SuperChunkyCableThrow_1On the other hand, for a fur pom pom hat, all you need to do to return it in its initial form is shake out the excess moisture and dry it at room temperature. 

We hope you’ll make the right choice when buying a wool hat- your comfort depends on whether your purchase was knit from synthetic or real wool yarn. Moreover, cashmere products never pill, and they hold their form after washing. The best clothes don’t leave you worried about your appearance and smell, but give you the freedom to focus on more important matters.

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